Too big

by Phunguss  

The macbook motherboard is too big to comforably fit into the dome base of the lampintosh.  So I will use  a Mac Mini for this project and use the macbook for something else...

Stripping down

by Phunguss  

Disassembing the Lamp...  looks like the macbook motherboard is smaller than the footprint of the cdrom drive.  It should fit nicely underneath.  Installed Mountain Lion on the macbook and did a little hack to get the right picture for the conversion.

Macbook Lamp

And the old geekbench was version 2... so here is version 3 on the macbook:

Not so good

by Phunguss  

Lets face it, back in the day of PowerPC processors, they were good.  By today's standard, it is yesterdays news.

lamp info

So here is the geekbench score on this old iMac lamp series.  I have a macbook motherboard to install in the base to at least bring it up to Intel standards.  Maybe if we are lucky it will at least run Lion (10.7).