FrankenMac 101

by Phunguss  

I just posted this prequel graphic to show what was used:

FrankenMac parts

Been thinking about it

by Phunguss  

I like macs.  I like to recycle.  I like to make things.  I got my hands on an old G3 iMac "Ruby Red" version.  I could not bear to let it go.  I once thought I would upgrade it to intel (hackintosh) or find a mac mini to insert inside.  Because of the curved CRT inside, installing a flat LCD would not look that good, so I abandoned that project...  I disassembled it for recycling, but saved the shell for future projects.

The old Ruby Red imac

TV capture

by Phunguss  

While building the Mac Mini 2006 upgrades, I installed XBMC.  This is a wonderful media front end to make your mac an Home Theatre PC (HTPC).  Way better than iTunes, FrontRow, Plex, etc.  With playback covered, what to do about DVR for recording television?  Well, EyeTV can do it, but rather expensive when on a budget.  Craigslist got me one for $35, new in the box.

Eye TV Hybrid

Along came Polycarbonate

by Phunguss  

Wow.  Nothing can impress like the Apple G4 Cube design.  Found one without a core, so just the shell.  Stripped it down and cleaned it up.  Trying to size up the logo for a replacement insert.

Clear cube case

Black is black

by Phunguss  

Yes, it was original... but nothing like customizing it to say it is no longer original...

black box

Darker shade of pale

by Phunguss  

The original was a gray color with gray/blue apple logo.  I will be making a better color to put in the cutout.

Looking good

The heart of Rock n' Roll

by Phunguss  

A long time ago, I salvaged a dead iMac's processor.  I purchased a few parts (see another post) and built a small mini-ITX windows computer from it.  This will become the heart of the new Intel Cube.

The heart

Donor test

by Phunguss  

With the technical help of my assistant, Google, I located a lineart file of the apple logo.  I attempted to match the size and proportion of the insert and this was the first attempt to cut polycarbonate on my CNC mill.

Red Apple

Donor two

by Phunguss  

The CNC leaves a lot of residue on one side of a cut.  Reversing the direction of the cut makes it much cleaner on the piece you want to keep.  So, cut two generated a much cleaner logo.  A little dab of hot glue and some cleanup is needed.

Hot logo

And an oversize white apple logo added to the back (it really pops on the black box). 

Much better

by Phunguss  

I like the new red logo on black.  If it was illuminated, it would look even better, but alas, I don't want to drill through the steel cage and find an LED that would line up with the other parts...

Compare the new

The original gray/blue logo placed nearby for comparison.

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